“All that Paradigm has promised has been delivered; even greater than our expectations. Their accuracy is outstanding and their delivery, always on time.

We are extremely pleased with the services provided by Paradigm and would highly recommend them to any college or university.”

Richard C. Rook
Associate University Registrar
Boston University


“We partner with Paradigm, Inc. for the printing of our diplomas and the production of our diploma covers. It was very evident from the onset that this company was different. They are truly customer oriented and work and produce products in a manner that makes it feel as though you are their only customer. Their extremely competitive pricing is a true value during these current economic times.

If you haven’t contacted Paradigm about their products, you need to.”

Dennis M. Hopple
Associate Registrar
Bucknell University


“Paradigm, Inc. takes customer service into a whole new realm. We literally feel as though we have a hidden office staffed and on standby, at all times, waiting to handle diplomas. With Paradigm’s dedicated client relations representative, any emergency is reduced to a minimal speed bump.

After working with other companies, I can say with conviction, if you are not a customer of Paradigm, you are missing out on the easiest, most efficient system for ordering diplomas in the industry!”

Wil Wu
Associate Registrar
City College of San Francisco


“Paradigm’s efficiency and dedication to task have taken all the anxiety out of our diploma preparation process. Columbia distributes diplomas on Commencement Day so it’s critical that they arrive on time and error-free and, in all the years we’ve worked together, Paradigm has never missed a deadline or made a mistake! In fact, the staff is so attentive to detail and to our institutional nuances that, on occasion, they’ve proactively contacted me with questions if something seemed unusual or unprecedented.

It’s great to work with a company so sensitized to University culture and understanding of how important its product is in the real lives of the end customers: our new graduates!”

Jennifer Caplan
Associate Registrar
Columbia University


“Paradigm is a fantastic team!  They are patient, professional and accommodating to us in every transaction.  Each and every person I have been in contact with at Paradigm has been helpful and willing to do what it takes to make completing our orders easy and smooth.  This speaks volumes about the dedication and professionalism of Paradigm’s employees and managers.

Lake Tahoe Community College is very pleased to have chosen this wonderful team to do business with.”

Gayle Bradshaw
Admissions & Records Specialist
Lake Tahoe Community College