Welcome to the Home of The Certified Electronic Diploma (CeDiploma)!

The revolutionary way for students to share, verify and validate their academic achievement!

A Brief History:

The Certified Electronic Diploma was first conceived in April 2006, and for many years the idea for a secure, verifiable document took shape. It became clear that Higher Education needed a diploma that could not be refuted or forged and could be used as absolute proof of the Student’s education.

Proof of concept was first introduced in 2013 and with that, the CeDiploma™ was officially born. With a larger audience at AACRAO Tech 2014, the CeDiploma™ and all of its potential truly became known. Shortly thereafter the CeDiploma™, with its Validation Services, were issued to the 2014 August class of Stanford University. Success was quick, and it rapidly became clear that the CeDiploma Program needed to be broadened into the wider market of Higher Education. Additional clients were added to the Program for the Spring Class of 2015 while Stanford continued to see great success with its December 2014 class. Since that time, the CeDiploma has grown stronger and is now offered by some of the most recognized higher educational institutions in America.

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