The revolutionary way for students to share, verify and validate their academic achievement!

CeCredential Trust is the market leader in the generation of secure, portable electronic credentials.  First introduced in 2014 to Stanford University with the CeDiploma®, secure credentials are now being offered by some of the most prestigious Universities and Colleges in America.

Credential fraud is now estimated to be a $2 billion1 worldwide market.  The need to produce secure credentials that can be validated through the Credentialer, such as a University, is vitally important in eliminating such fraud.

Whether the recipient of a credential is looking for employment or trying to obtain a Visa, employers, embassies, and other validating entities need to know, unequivocally, that the credential they are viewing is authentic and has not been rescinded.  Only the issuer of the credential, such as a University, can offer the resultant confidence.

The CeDiploma® and now the CeCertificate are the first steps in offering all credentials in a secure, portable, and verifiable format.

Please visit www.cecredentialtrust.com and call us today to find out more!

1Rossen Report, NBC News 2014 – Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

What is a CeDiploma®?

A Brief History of the CeDiploma®